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Why are online private lessons the best option:

Simply because they are adapted to you and not the opposite:

You take lessons when you like: early in the morning, late in the evening, during lunch time, during the baby's nap...

you take lessons where you like: at home, on the beach, at Starbuck's, in the garden... Choose your favourite place!

You don't lose time: no need to go to a school, You may live far away from France but your teacher is a native French. Of course, your one-to-one training gets adapted to your pace, needs and objectives.

What kind of lessons can you take ?

FHere are some examples of what we can do. If you want to do or learn something else, please contact me. We will make the appropriate course for you.

First session

Free 30 minutes,conversation by video. I will assess your level and we will decide which course suits you. This experience will allow you to see if you like this kind of communication on the internet.

30 min


general French

You learn French as a whole: speaking, writing, reading...
with grammar and vocabulary.
We communicate live through Skype video, and emails.

Professional French

If you need French for your current or future job. We work on subjects related to your professional interests.
Video and emails.

French for students

If you intend to study in a French university or in a French speaking country. Video and emails. Video and emails.

French for children

From 6 years old ((and if your child is under 6, please
contact me). We use games and materials adapted for children. Video and emails.

Tourism in France

You have planned a trip to France but you are worried about communication there? Take lessons to learn how to communicate during your journey.Video and emails.

French by songs

Have fun learning French language and culture by listening to
French songs. Video and emails.

1 hour


10h Pack

290(that is 29 € per hour)

20h Pack

560(that is 28 € per hour)

50h Pack

1250(that is 25 € per hour)

French conversation

talking through video

written conversation

Through chat with Skype or another device. Perfect for beginners or intermediate levels who want to improve their written French.


25(30min = 17€)

Pack of 10h

240(that is 24 € per hour)

Other courses adapted to your wishes

me contacter

Practice your writing

From intermediate level: you write texts and I correct them with detailed explanations. Click here to see how I correct a text. Through emails.

French Press

you answer questions about articles from French newspapers or magazines and I correct your answers with detailed explanations. Through emails.

1000 words


10 000 words


2 texts questions et correction :


20 texts questions et correction :


For further information about courses, please visit the FAQ's section, or contact me. It would be a pleasure to answer you.