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Private lessons on line

Arrow_SliderIs there any difference between a classical private lesson and a private lesson on the internet?
There is no big difference: a student and a teacher are communicating live to work together. On the internet they are not in the same room, but the lesson is the same: talking, exercising, listening to audio files, reading texts...
Arrow_SliderWhat are the advantages?
Online courses are usually more flexible.

You take lessons when you like: early in the morning, late in the evening, during lunch time, during the baby's nap...

you take lessons where you like: at home, on the beach, at Starbuck's, in the garden... Choose your favourite place!

You don't lose time: no need to go to a school You may live far away from France but your teacher is a native French. Of course, your one-to-one training gets adapted to your pace, needs and objectives.
Arrow_Slider Are there disadvantages?
You may believe that online courses are less efficient. But thanks to Skype we do exactly the same things as with a classical private lesson.

You may believe that it is a cold way to learn French. It's not the case! We see each other and talk together with video, it is as friendly as if we were in the same room. And at home you feel more comfortable and you are more efficient.
Arrow_Slider Do I have to be a geek to take lessons with you?
Not at all! I am not a geek myself... You only need someone to install the Skype program on your computer and show you how to login and start sessions. But if you are already here, that means that you are not so bad with the internet !!
Arrow_Slider Can you describe a typical online lesson with you?
We both turn on our computers a bit before meeting time. Then we get connected to Skype, so we can see each other and talk together.

Then the lesson goes the usual way: we work with documents (I will have sent them to you before), we listen to audio files, I let you talk in French, we study some notions of grammar or vocabulary and practice them through exercises...

French lessons:

Arrow_Slider What kind of lessons can I take?
You can take different French lessons with me, depending on your level and your objectives. click here to find examples.
Arrow_Slider I want to take a lesson about a subject I’m specially interested in, is it possible?
Of course! Tell me your wishes when you contact me for the first time and we will build the appropriate course for you. For example, preparation of a trip to France, access to a French university, or French cooking, literature or anything else.
Arrow_Slider I only want to practice my reading (or speaking, writing...), is it possible?
Once again, of course! You can learn French as a whole or only work on a special skill like writing, talking, or grammar, vocabulary …
Arrow_Slider I don't speak any word of French yet, is it a problem?
Not at all, don't worry ! I'm used to these situations and we can understand each other and work together through gestures for example.
Arrow_Slider I want my children to take lessons with you, is it possible?
Yes! We can do French lessons from 6 (as it is better if your child can read a bit) with special activities. If your kid is under 6, please contact me
Arrow_Slider When can I take lessons with you?
When you like! That's the good point of online lessons. But we have to keep in mind the time difference if you don't live in France !
Arrow_Slider How much does it cost?
There are two prices, depending on lessons content. click here.to see detailed prices. If you pay a pack of 10, 20 or 50 hours, it is cheaper than if you pay lessons one by one.
Arrow_Slider What happens if I can't attend a lesson?
Please inform me by email 12 hours before the scheduled lesson. We can postpone it. If you forget 2 times to inform me twelve hours in advance, I will have to count the lesson as done.
Arrow_Slider Do I have to buy a French textbook? Or something else?
No, you don't have to. I will send you documents by emails the day before the lesson. You can print them or directly work on your computer, as you like.
Arrow_Slider How shall we work?
We work on written documents, like texts (press articles, literary texts, textbooks extracts...), images or exercises depending on your level. And also audio documents like songs, radio or film extracts...

How to start lessons

Arrow_Slider I want to take online private lessons with you, what should I do?
Contact me by email or with the contact form. You can find it here.
Arrow_Slider Do I pay for the first meeting?
No, we start with free 30 minutes of conversation by video. I assess your level and we decide which kind of course is suitable for you. You can see if you like this kind of online private lessons. I also show you how we work using Skype and emails.

If you don't speak French yet, I can speak English or German for this first meeting.
Arrow_Slider Can I try before committing?
The first 30 minutes meeting will let you know if this kind of private lessons (online with me) is what you want to do. Then I advise you to take a one hour lesson, before paying for a multiple hours pack.

The good thing with private lessons is that I am teaching only to you! If don't like my teaching style or what I let you work on, just tell me, and I will try something new. We don't do lessons as I like, but as you like though of course, my experience as a teacher allows me to advise you and to choose first what I think is good for you and your progress in French.

Technical questions:

Arrow_Slider What do I have to do before the first lesson?
You first have to install the Skype program on your computer (or ask someone to do it). You create a Skype account with a user name and a password. Then send me your username by email. When I will contact you by Skype, please accept me as your contact, or we can't communicate!

A webcam is necessary: check if you computer already has one or buy one to connect to your computer.

Headphones with microphone can be useful, especially if you take lessons in a noisy environment.

Of course you need an email address where I can contact you and send you documents.
Arrow_Slider How can I install Skype's program on my computer?
Go to www.skype.com and click on “download”. Be careful to choose the free version! Give your name, first name and email address. You also need a user name (that you must send me before the first lesson, so that I can find you on Skype) and a password. Then we will accept each other as contact on Skype program and be able to talk to each other for the first lesson.
Arrow_Slider I don't know Skype. What can we do with this program?
Many things! We can see each other and talk together thanks to the video. We can exchange messages which will appear under the video screen. We can also open the documents sent before , and work on them, and listen to audio documents. Our first free meeting will let you know all the different possibilities.
Arrow_Slider What happens if the internet connection is bad?
I have a very high speed connection with a good quality of image and sound when using Skype. Please, check your own internet connection to be sure that it is high speed, and that we can use video. The quality of the video may temporarily be bad during the lesson, but it usually lasts only a few seconds. If the communication become impossible during the lesson, we will postpone it.

But if your internet connection is high speed, there should be no problem. Please note that cybercafes usually have no reliable connection speed, due to the great number of connections at the same time. I advise you to find a home connection or a place where it is reliable. I can't be held responsible for bad connection.

How to pay

Arrow_Slider Can I pay online?
Yes, I send you an email with an invoice and a link to pay online. We use PayPal Service: you can pay directly in Euros, whatever your currency may be, with the money on your Paypal or directly with your bank card.
Arrow_Slider Can I pay another way?
I'm sorry but PayPal is yet the only way to pay.
Arrow_Slider Is PayPal secured?
Of course, it is one of the most secured online payment. Every time you pay, you arrive directly on the PayPal website - which is highly protected.
Arrow_Slider When do I have to pay?
The first 30 minutes meeting is free. Then I will ask you to pay before the lesson.
Arrow_Slider Do I pay lessons one by one?
It's as you like. You can pay before each lesson or you can decide to pay for 10, 20 or 50 lessons. In that case you get a discount. Click here to see detailed prices.
Arrow_Slider Can I get my money back?
Unfortunately no. If you cancel a lesson (or if I cancel one), we postpone it (don't forget to tell me at least 12 hours in advance, I will do the same for you).

If, after paying for 20 or 50 one-hour lessons, you can't continue, you can get back your money, but only in case of a special problem: accident, disease, unemployment...I will still keep 60 euros, plus of course the price of the lessons you already had.

Example: You have paid 460 euros for 20 lessons. If you stop after 4 lessons and the free first lesson, I will give you back 308 euros (460 _ 60 _4x23)
Arrow_Slider Can I have a discount?
If you pay 10, 20 or 50 lessons together, you get a discount. Click here for more information.